Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (2023)

Although Geralt is already a talented monster hunter at the beginning of Witcher 3, it is possible to turn him into a true giant of destruction. All he needs is a powerful skill build.

Whether you prefer signs, alchemy, tanking, dealing more damage, or just want a reliable build for Death March difficulty, we have a build to suit your needs.

And if reading encourages you to build your own, we also have some tips to get you started. Here's a detailed guide to the best Witcher 3 builds updated for the next-gen 4.0 patch.demon phoenixwho created these builds or helped optimize them.

Next-gen update for The Witcher 3 (December 2022)

with the start ofnext generation patch, Skills have been updated to include changes made byFCR3 mode(which was released by a Witcher 3 developer).

The biggest difference is that most skills only need to be leveled up three times instead of five. Many abilities, particularly those related to euphoria, have also been nerfed, while others have been buffed.

Below are the best updated versions of Witcher 3. Please note that I'm still in the process of modding these so chances are they will change. If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Choosing the best version of Witcher 3

Before we get into the builds themselves, let's discuss how to choose one because there are so many options.

You can go for an alchemy build that focuses on using potions, decoctions, and bombs, a magic damage (signs) build, a high survivability tank build, a melee damage build, or a mixed build. who uses skills from different trees.

Whatever you choose, by the end of the game you will be using skills from multiple trees since you have access to a lot of skill points. The trick is to choose a build that suits your play style. For example, it's foolish to spend points on Axii skills if you're never going to use them.

Below are 7 tips for some of the best starting builds for gameplay, combat, signs, alchemy, and misc trees in Witcher 3. All of these builds were tested in the next-gen 4.0 patch.

supervision:You need to acquire some filler skills that you don't use to unlock the next skill level, so take what you want. The abilities that are active for each build are listed below and shown in screenshots. While most of these builds are considered late game, you can still use them at lower levels if you focus on the main tree first..

First build of the game.

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (1)

Total Skill Points Required: 13

  • Generally:Cat school techniques.
  • Camp:Muscle memory 3/3 | Solve 3/3 | Precision shots 3/3
  • signs: Illusion 3/3 (optional)

The easiest way to start building your character early in the game is to decide what type of armor you want to wear (light, medium, or heavy) and choose your main source of damage: quick attacks, heavy attacks, or signals.

I prefer fast attacks because they are the most versatile and have possibly the highest damage per second. Because of this, we're putting most of our points into the fast attack portion of the combat tree, adopting techniques from the Cat School for bonus fast attack and overall damage while wearing light armor.

Gourmet has been nerfed, making it no longer worth picking up. I also prefer to spot cheating early in the character tree, as it unlocks new conversation options that are not only more engaging, but also give you additional experience. But if you don't care much about dialogue, you can skip it.

Later, you can change this configuration to one of the full builds listed below.

(Video) Witcher 3 Best ENDGAME Skills To Get - The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update (Tips and Tricks)

Metamorphosis Compilation (Best Overall)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (2)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:70~

  • Camp:Solve 3/3 | Precise punches 3/3 | Crushing Blows 3/3 | Razor Focus 3/3 | 3/3 turn | Rent 3/3
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | Tissue Transmutation 3/3 | protective coating 3/3 | bear the pain 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | Fixative 3/3 | Delayed recovery 3/3 | Hunter's Instinct 3/3 | riot 3/3
  • signs: Magic Trap 3/3
  • Generally:Cat school techniques (optional)
  • mutagenicity:Great Red x4
  • Mutation:Metamorphosis: Applying critical effects to enemies triggers a random decoction (of the ones you created) for 120 seconds with no toxicity cost. Up to 5 decoctions can be active at the same time.
  • recommended equipment: Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword/Aerondight/Nilfgaardian Guardsman's Stulps/Ursine Armor/Manticore pants + boots

This build is all about critical damage and high toxicity with tons of extra effects you get from random decoctions. I'd consider this the most powerful version of Witcher 3 after the next-gen patch, though Euphoria is still up there.

In terms of equipment, it is recommended to use the Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword and Aerondight, both of which have the runic word break, to increase the range of Whirl/Rend.

For armor, use Nilfgaardian Wax Gauntlets for their high critical damage bonus, Ursine Breastplates with the Glyph of Recklessness word (so all your armor is treated as light). Meanwhile for legs and boots you want to wearmanticore gearbecause it offers a high crit chance and ideal damage for this build.

Before going into combat, you must use superior Blizzard, Swallow, and Forest Maribor potions to bring their toxicity above 55% and maintain their effects indefinitely.

During combat, use Whirlwind for high damage and constant critical hits to unleash Metamorphosis and Rend here and there. He can also use appropriate characters in between, e.g. B. Igni against vampires, Yrden against various enemies, etc.

A note about cat school techniques: It's optional for this build. If you only wear light armor, you can use it instead of Magical Trap or Tissue Transmutation for extra damage. It's up to you, you're essentially trading damage for survivability.

professional advice: Metamorphosis only selects the decoctions you create, so you can discard the ones you don't like to increase your chances of activating your favorite decoctions.

Next-Gen Euphoria Upgrade (Top Alternative)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (3)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:52~

  • Camp:Solve 3/3| Precise punches 3/3 | Crushing Blows 3/3 | Razor Focus 3/3 | 3/3 turn | Rent 3/3 | Break Armor 3/3
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | protective coating 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | Faster metabolism 3/3 | Fixative 3/3 | Hunter's Instinct 3/3 | riot 3/3
  • Generally:School of Techniques of the Cat | metabolic control
  • mutagenicity:Great Red x4
  • Mutation:Euphoria: Each point of Toxicity increases the damage of the sword and the intensity of the signals by 0.75%.
  • recommended equipment: Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword/Aerondight/Nilfgaardian Guardsman's Stulps/Manticore-Rüstung+Calças+Botas

Euphoria builds arguably used to be overpowered, but they've been cut significantly in the Witcher 3 next-gen patch, largely due to the Toxicity Tolerance bonus acquired being 50% lower. Now the maximum toxicity it can have (with acquired tolerance and metabolic control) is 234 (base 100, 84 acquired tolerance, 20 Manticore full set, 30 metabolic control).

But that doesn't mean Euphoria builds are useless. They are still very strong and the main competitor for the Metamorphosis build.

For gear, choose TKSS + Aerondight with the Rune of Severing enchantment, Nilfgaardian Guard Gauntlets, Manticore Armor with Lightness (to treat all armor as Light), Manticore Pants and Boots. Place the Greater Glyph of Healing in all available slots to negate Toxicity damage. If you want to trade some damage for more survivability, you can use Ursine Armor with Levity and Manticores.

We recommend making 4 decoctions and using potions on top of that to keep your toxicity high for higher damage. The use of Gun Oils is also highly recommended for the use of fixing and protective coating abilities.

The recommended decoctions are:

(Video) Witcher 3: TOP 5 Builds Next Gen

  • ekimmara(Damage dealt to enemies regenerates Vitality)
  • safe(Reduces damage taken based on armor and inventory weight)
  • Provocative(regenerates vitality in and out of combat)
  • together(Attack power increases over time) orAntiga Leschen(Each sign cast increases stamina regeneration for the rest of the fight)

Combat-wise, you can use any combination of normal and special fast and strong attacks, but regular spins and fast attacks will be your bread and butter.

Piercing Cold Aard Build (control melódico)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (4)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:40~

  • Generally:Griffin School Techniques | Adrenaline Rush
  • Signs:Long Range Aard 3/3 | Ground Sweep 3/3 | Aard intensity 3/3 | shock wave 3/3 | Fire Stream 3/3 | Lingering Glyphs 2/2 | Active Shield 3/3 | Magic Trap 3/3 | Overloaded Glyphs 3/3 | Yrden intensity 3/3
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | protective coating 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | 3/3 faster metabolism
  • mutagenicity:Bigger Blue x4
  • Mutation:Piercing Cold: Aard has a 30% chance to Freeze enemies. Enemies knocked down and frozen at the same time are instantly killed.
  • Recommended equipment:Complete set of faucet

This is one of the most powerful next-gen versions of Witcher 3 and my favorite. It focuses on using Aard's signal, which is boosted by the Piercing Cold mutation, to give Aard more damage and a freeze effect.

This signal build offers great damage, CC (crowd control), and healing, and is one of the most effective AoE builds. It works well for Death March and NG+ difficulty as you are constantly healing yourself and CC enemies.

In addition to Aard, you will also make heavy use of the Glyph of Yrden to increase survivability and crowd control. You'll want to make the most of itGriffin Wizard Setfor this build. You can also play withForgotten Wolves TeamSet (added in the next-gen 4.0 patch) as it has a set bonus to Yrden and Aard, but we think Griffin is a better choice.

To get the most out of this build, you need to enchant the Entanglement keyword on your armor, which spawns an additional Glyph of Yrden when your Yrden Trap activates. Other Armor Glyph slots require you to use Aard and/or Yrden Intensity Glyphs. I went with 4 glyphs from Aard and 2 from Yrden.

You should also use the larger Lishen Brew to further increase your already high stamina regeneration and the Ekhidna Brew to restore vitality with each cast. This way you will be constantly spamming and healing yourself which will make him very hard to kill. You can also use Trollsud or Superior Petrifilter and swallow potions.

As far as the actual game is concerned, this is what you want to do:

  • Place a Yrden Trap and stand inside to receive the 6-Piece Griffon Set Bonus
  • establish Who
  • Start spamming Aard to damage multiple enemies, freeze/slow, and heal yourself.
  • Keep taking down Yrden and using Quen as needed amidst Aard's spam.
  • By supplementing fire against enemies opposing von Aard

You can also place the Resupply runewords on your weapons to further increase your stamina regeneration, but that's not necessary as you'll be barely using your swords. You can use the build once you have access to the Piercing Cold mutation.

Igni Mage Build (better AoE damage)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (5)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:49~

  • Generally:Griffin School Techniques
  • Signs:Lingering Glyphs 2/2 | Explosive Shield 3/3 | Fire Stream 3/3 | Active Shield 3/3 | Ignition intensity 3/3 | Quen intensity 3/3 | Quen Download 3/3 | Magic Trap 3/3 | Yrden Intensity 3/3 | Overloaded Glyphs 3/3
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | protective coating 3/3 | Delayed recovery 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | 3/3 adjustment
  • mutagenicity:Bigger Blue x4
  • Mutation:Conduit of Magic: Adds 50% of the damage of the equipped sword (applicable spells, relics and warlocks only) to the damage of Geralt's Mark.
  • Recommended equipment:Complete set of faucet

This fun launcher build is all about making the Igni as powerful as possible. In a way, it's similar to the Aard build in that they both have high damage and AoE control and take advantage of Yrden.

Once again, we use the full Griffin suite as it is the best choice for cue setups. You need to enchant the word Glyph of Rotation on your griffon armor to make your Igni have a 360 degree circle effect and place the Great Glyph of Igni in any other slot.

For decoctions, ancient lishen and ekhidna were used to regenerate stamina and vitality. You should also put potions on top of it, as we use delayed cooldown for longer potion effects. I recommend the top petri filter and sip drinkers.

The actual fight is quite simple:

  • Place Quen and use alternate Quen to heal when needed
  • Keep Yrden upright and stay on him for as long as possible to increase signal strength, stamina regeneration, and damage reduction.
  • spam shot
  • Use Firestream against individual targets

supervision: We don't use Pyromaniac because you already have a 100% chance to apply Burn thanks to the high signal intensity.

(Video) Witcher 3 - The BEST Build for Every Witcher Armor!

Robust tank construction (better survivability)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (6)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:64~

  • Camp:Strength training 3/3 | Solve 3/3 | Crushing Blows 3/3 | Rent 3/3 | Razor Focus 3/3 | Immortal 3/3 (optional)
  • Signs:Explosive Shield 3/3 | Who Intensity 3/3 | Who is downloading 3/3
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | protective coating 3/3 | Tissue Transmutation 3/3 | bear the pain 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | Hunter's Instinct 3/3 | riot 3/3
  • Generally:Bear School Techniques | Survival Instinct (Optional)
  • mutagenicity:Major Green x2, Major Red x1, Major Blue x1
  • Mutation:Mutant Skin: Each point of adrenaline reduces damage taken by 15% (max 45%).
  • recommended equipment: Complete set of Ursine

Building this tank is all about taking as much punishment as possible while also dealing decent damage, which automatically makes it a great choice for Death March difficulty.

We are going to use strong attacks because they work in conjunction with the Bear School techniques and thatConjunto Ursine Witcher, which grants the best defense of all armor.

I recommend putting the Elation enchantment on their swords to maximize the adrenaline point gain (for mutated skin and other bonuses) and protection on their armor so we can cast as much Quen as possible (and the Quen bonuses from bear armor to use). For glyph slots, choose Greater Quen glyphs.

You also get some customization options with this build if you prefer even more survivability over damage. For mutagens, you can follow my recommendations (2 green, 1 red, 1 blue) to maximize bonuses or go with 4 larger greens for more vitality.

You can also buy the Survival Instinct ability to get an extra 15% health, but I don't think it's necessary since you're already a super tank and have a lot of health. Another way to increase survivability is to drop something for Immortal, which essentially gives you an extra life (which returns you to 67% health when your Vitality reaches 0). You can discard some of your damaging abilities if you want to use them.

You should also use decoctions to maximize your alchemy skill bonuses. Any concoction that increases your survivability will work; I recommend using Ekhidna and Troll. Ekimmara, Arachas and Leshen are other good options. Of course, you can also go for damage-boosting decoctions (since you're already pretty tanky), like Succubus.

You can also pop potions like Thunderbolt or Swallow again, depending on what you prefer: more damage or survivability.

If you want to use this build early on, you can start Bear School Techniques with a strong attack build before moving up to the Sign and Alchemy trees.

Build Carnage (Combat/Dodge)

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (7)

Recommended level:35+/ Total skill points required:57~

  • Camp:Muscle memory 3/3 | Precise punches 3/3 | Crushing Blows 3/3 | Razor Focus 3/3 | 3/3 turn | Rent 3/3 | Fender armor 3/3 | Counterattack 3/3 | Deadly Accuracy 2/2 | Deflection Arrow 2/2 (Optional)
  • Alchemy:Acquired tolerance 3/3 | Synergy 3/3 | Faster metabolism 3/3 | Fixative 3/3 | Hunter's Instinct 3/3 | riot 3/3
  • Generally:Cat school techniques.
  • mutagenicity:Great Red x4
  • Mutation:Carnage: Each hit increases your attack power by 5% (up to a maximum of 250%) as long as you are not hit.
  • recommended equipment: Toussaint Knight's Steel Sword/Aerondight/Nilfgaardian Guardsman's Stulps/Manticore-Rüstung+Calças+Botas

This combat-oriented build doesn't require you to take any damage, so it requires more skill and isn't as easy as other options. But it is quite powerful as you can deal a lot of extra damage.

During combat, keep your Quen shield up (since it negates damage) and dodge as much as you can to increase your attack power bonus. Even if you take damage, it's pretty easy to rebuild your stacks. You can see how much of the bonus you have in the upper left corner of the screen.

For gear, you need to use the Toussaint Knight and Aerondight steel sword with the runic word Severance, the Nilfgaardian Guardian gauntlets, and the Manticore gear (with the glyphic word Enchant Levity) for the remaining armor slots. This is all light armor (thanks to Levity) that comes with the Cat School Techniques ability.

We recommend using Wyvern Decoction (which also increases attack power when you can't, a perfect complement to Carnage) and Ekimmara Decoction along with Superior Tawny (to keep Quen awake) and swallowing potions. Upper Blizzard is another good option, as it slows down time to help you dodge and gives you unlimited stamina at 3 adrenaline.

Bombs are also a good idea for this build, as they help boost hits and deal with more troublesome enemies like spiders, especially ones like Samum that stun.

(Video) Crazy build - Witcher 3 OP Metamorphosis Build Patch 4.1 for 2023 - The Witcher 3 Next Gen build

You can also drop the Arrow Deflection force training ability to avoid damage.

Tips for building your own buildings

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (8)

As cool as these builds are, it's also fun trying to make your own. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Don't overextend. Especially early on, you should focus most of your skill points on one tree before moving on to another. The only exception is acquiring general abilities and things like Delusion or Quen upgrades.
  • Some skills are always worth it.You should always choose one of the three Witcher School techniques and Acquired Tolerance to increase your maximum toxicity. synergy is anotherexcellent skillthat fits in every construction.
  • Develop your playing style. Just by playing the game, you've probably discovered certain abilities that you enjoy using. This can be a good starting point for a build. For example, if you like to use Igni, try a build that boosts that signal and combine it with items that improve signal strength.
  • Swap skills as needed.Some abilities become weak later in the game because they give a fixed bonus or you simply don't need them anymore. This is especially true for survival-related abilities: unless you're fighting to stay alive, trading more damage or utility would be more appropriate. Similarly, Illusion is a great conversation skill, but can be switched out if not needed.
  • feel free to respect. It's relatively easy to reset your abilities in The Witcher 3 by drinking a cleansing potion.

Witcher 3 Version FAQ

How do I reset and use my skill points in The Witcher 3?

To test these builds, you'll need to reset your skill points with a release potion. There is also a recovery potion specifically designed to reset mutation points. You can buy them from certain NPCs in the Witcher world for 1000 coins each.

Those that only sell Liberation Potion includeKeira Metz, Gremist (a druid in Ard Skellig), Yolar, a druid who lives in a cave below Gedyneith, and the merchant in Gildorf, Novigrad.

Vendors for both potions (in Toussaint's Blood and Wine area) include the Perfumer in Beauclair, the Rescued Herbalist in Coronata Cellar, the Herbalist east of Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair, and the Herbalist in Castel Ravello.

What is the best Witcher 3 character build?

In terms of raw power, the Euphoria builds can be considered the best in Witcher 3. Still, there are plenty of other powerful build options like Piercing Cold, and most people prefer a certain playstyle.

You can also create unique builds that may not be as strong but fun to play with, just like ours.office building. The brilliance of Witcher 3 builds is that there are so many options. It's all about choosing what you like best and making adjustments along the way.

In summary

There are plenty of powerful builds that can be used in The Witcher 3, and we've covered some of the latest and greatest. You can use combat skills, signs, and alchemy, or a combination of all three, and become even more powerful as you unlock mutations.

Hopefully these builds will convince you to return to the game to try them out or create your own build.

Need some gear suggestions to match your character build? Consult our guidesThe best Witcher 3 weaponsmiarmor setsnext.

Witcher 3 Best Builds Guide (Updated for Next Gen Patch) (9)


(Video) TOP 3 BROKEN Builds in The Witcher 3 Next Gen - Top 3 best builds

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