What you should know about the next-gen Witcher 3's new launch system (2023)

The most common tools of a sorcerer are his steel and silver swords. But as students of the wizarding world they live in, they can also cast simple spells or signals.the witcher 3gives you five characters to throw into battle, each with different defenses and magical attacks. The latest update to the game also introduces a new way to throw characters, resulting in a much faster real-time combat feel.

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Outsidethe witcher 3it's a classless RPG, the characters, how you cast them and how you level them up is one of the ways to establish a "Geralt build". This guide covers the basics of which characters he should use, when, and why he might want to spend points on different characters.

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if you areReturning to the game now at the age of seven.Once you've played through it, you'll find that the new "Quick Casting" system changes the pace of combat a bit and might lead you to consider new ways to use signals in conjunction with other combat moves.


the witcher 3Signal list 101

Geralt's overall effectiveness at casting signals depends on the stamina and intensity of the signals.Both of these stats can be seen in the Player Stats menu, which you can find by navigating to Inventory in the menu and pressing the Right Trigger (or C on a keyboard).

You can increase your base effectiveness in Marks by investing skill points (gained by leveling up) into Griffin School Techniques, Focus, Adrenaline Burst, and Anger Management in the General tab of the Character menu.

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What you should know about the next-gen Witcher 3's new launch system (4)

However, simply purchasing these skills will not give you their benefits.You must activate these abilities after purchase by placing them in one of the nine visible ability slots on the right side of the character menu.You can then increase the efficiency of the signal by placing a blue mutagen in the diamond-shaped slits to the right and left of the slits. These should match in color for the greatest effect.


Different devices can also increase signal strength or specific signals. Looking at an item's stats in the Inventory menu will tell you what benefits, if any, you'll get for Marks. You can also further increase the benefits of the sign by placing glyphs in open mod slots on equipment (the presence of which is indicated by one or more circles on the item's image in the menu).

Default,Geralt uses his stamina indicator when sending a signal. At lower levels, casting a signal will typically deplete the entire bar and you'll have to wait for it to recharge before casting it again. Nor may they be executed during theirEnergyIs it sold out. If you have taken and assigned Rage Management, an adrenaline point (gained after launching an attack on an enemy) allows you to cast a signal when you run out of stamina.


The big new updatethe witcher 3Offers recently received not only new and beautiful graphic options anda cool new quest (with new armor and weapons!), However.

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How The Next-Gen Witcher Character Changes (And How To Activate The New Setting)

You can now quickly send any signal at will with a two-button combo that the new update calls "Fast Cast", or you can select a signal from a slowed down menu and associate it with a trigger button. dedicated cue, which the game now calls "Standard Launch".


The default release was how the game worked until the new update. Here hold LB/L1 on a controller (Tab on keyboard) to bring up the hotkey menu and choose which signal to link to RT/R2 (Q on keyboard). Rebinding a cue slows the action to a crawl, giving you a breather to figure out which cue makes the most sense. On a keyboard, you can also use the 3-7 keys to select which character you want to activate with Q.

With the new Fast Casting option, you can cast any sign in combat, almost entirely in the blink of an eye. You must enable this in the pause menu. Navigate to "Game" and you'll find it as the sixth option below. And it works a little differently depending on whether you're using a gamepad or a keyboard.


With Quick Casting on the controller, hold RT/R2 and look at the list of signals in the lower right corner of the HUD. Press the key that corresponds to the character you want to cast and you'll cast it without having to go to the slow menu to select it. Supervision:If you maintain a defensive stance by pressing LT/L2, you will cast Igni every time you press RT/R2.You must release the left trigger to use Quick Casting or you will always cast Igni.


Keyboard keys 3-7 will immediately cast their respective characters, no longer choosing which character to cast based on pressing the Q key. However, the Q button will still emit the signal you selected in the hotkey, as shown as active in the upper right corner of the HUD.

Aard, Yrden, Fire, Quen, Axii: The five signs and their use

Geralt will have access to five unique signs. These are basic abilities that he will always have access to, and how they're used depends on your playstyle and the enemy you're up against.


  • Aard – A telekinetic blast that knocks back enemies (and destroys weak objects)
  • Igni: A burst of fire that damages enemies.
  • Yrden: A magical trap that slows down enemies
  • Quen: A shield that protects Geralt from damage.
  • Axii: Confuse enemies (also used as a mind trick in dialogue scenes)

Each of these characters has an alternate spell ability that you can invest skill points in to unlock.


  • Alternate Aard – Area of ​​effect attack knocks back all enemies around Geralt
  • Alternate ignition: a continuous stream of flames instead of an explosion
  • Yrden Alternate: Trap now deals damage
  • Alternate Quen – A larger bubble shield surrounds Geralt and lasts longer than the standard shield
  • Alternate Axii: Enemies are tricked into fighting as your allies temporarily.

As you earn enough skill points to customize and level up a few different characters, you'll need to make some decisions about which one suits your playstyle. Although the signs can be very powerful, Geralt is not a spell caster. In a way, the signs are always improvements to swordsmanship. Let's look at some use cases.


Excellence in combat (especially on the higher difficulties) depends on using a little bit of everything here, but if you're looking to improve your magical attack, crowd control, or defense skills right away, this is where you should invest your points.

If you want your signs to deal damage, focus on Igni first, then Yrden.. Igni is a direct fire attack. And you will find many monsters like griffon and drowned are weak against it. (Always consult your bestiary before fighting a monster. The list indicates its various weaknesses, which may include specific characters.) Depending on whether you prefer a burst or a continuous stream of damage, you may want to stick with the basic Igni attack or unlock and use the alternate attack.


Yrden on his own doesn't deal any damage, but slows down enemies in his radius, making it easier for you to attack them. However, the alternate version of this sign not only deals damage to the target, but also slows it down.

Note that Aard and Quen can be leveled up to deal damage, but this requires some investment and isn't as easy as casting a fire spell or a trap that hits enemies.


If you want your signs to help with crowd control, focus on Aard, Axii and Yrden. Some fights can quickly surround Geralt. There are several attacking and defending moves that can help you out of a bind, but signals make it even easier.

For starters, Aard's telekinetic blast will quickly take down enemies right in front of him, and if you unlock and equip Aard's alternate form, you can take down enemies around him. This sign is great for large crowds of enemies.


Axii helps you take out advancing enemies by stunning or tricking them into fighting on your behalf.

Casting Yrden is also a good way to control a group around you. Throw it and it rolls out of the capture area. Enemies will chase them, but their movement speed will be slowed, giving you the option to catch your breath, cast Igni at them, or prepare for an alternate strategy.


Always cast Quen. While some may find Quen's stamina drain a bit draining, consider casting it often. Quen is a shield that protects Geralt from attacks. Enhanced abilities allow the shield to return some damage when Geralt is hit. You should cast Quen at the start of every fight, especially if you're playing on higher difficulties. Which can be released quickly. So unless you're saving your stamina for a specific sign, take every moment to make sure you have an active Quen Shield. Who is useful if you max them out or never spend a single skill point on them.

Should you use quickcast or standard cast in The Witcher 3?

As someone who has invested many hundreds of hoursthe witcher 3, I learned to appreciate the short breaks in the action while picking a new star in the standard release method. Reminds me how the plot would end.Knights of the Old Republicevery time he saw an enemy. Since RPG combat is often based on the rock-rock-scissors results of statistical mathematics, it can be hard to think in those moments: "My health is bad, it's time to turn to Quen, so I'll do my own" . in Yrden's Trap". ... a bit more palatable.


You can also consume potions or food in the quick access menu. So switching characters is also a good time to upgrade health or stats.


Also, just pressing a number key is pretty fast on PC. In a way, using a standard keyboard is a sort of "in-between" mode of transmission.

The last method of casting magic allows you to switch characters faster. Some will find this drastically increases combat speed (the action will still be slower if you switch bombs). It could make for a more difficult game that way, but perhaps one that feels more continuous and action-oriented.


Quick Casting allows you to switch tactics a bit more easily, as you can, for example, quickly create a Yrden sign, reverse, and immediately cast Igni when your energy is full again. In my experience with fast pitch, it kept the fight going; but I missed those brief moments to evaluate various tactics in the quick access menu.

In the end, it depends on your play style. If you like slower RPGs or even turn-based games, the default casting method might not bother you. If you like more immediate action RPGs, Quick Casting can help make the game more responsive.

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