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Why spend too much time designing your resume when you can download and edit it in the built-in template? Resume templates can help you create a more professional-looking document and apply to more jobs faster. There are many resume templates on the Internet, but which one is the best and how do you choose the most suitable one? Let me introduce you to where you can find great resume templates. The WPS Template Store offers many free downloadable resume templates and WPS Office has a powerful template editor.

Part 1: Top 10 CV Templates Free Download (PDF/Word)

Choosing the best resume template can be confusing, especially when there are thousands of unique templates in the WPS Template Store.

1.Blue Basic Absolwent cv

The Blue Basic Graduate CV is a one-page platform that provides a clear and focused overview of your qualifications and experience. It offers a clean, professional design with well-organized sections for personal details, resume, work experience, education, skills and references.

On the one hand, it saves time for both the employee and the employer.

The Blues Basic Graduate CV is suitable for all job seekers, including graduates and students. You can use this template if you are currently looking for a job.

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2.Creative blue CV

Creative Blue Resume is a creative and visually appealing template from the WPS Office template store, designed to create unique and eye-catching resumes. It has a bold and eye-catching blue color scheme and innovative elements such as icons, graphics and typography that make your resume look visually appealing.

One of the best features of this template is the attention to detail such as proper spacing, alignment, and consistent formatting, resulting in a professional and neat appearance.

If you're a tech-savvy, creative professional, or a job seeker who wants to stand out and is looking for modern trends, this template is the perfect choice for you.

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3.Modern black resume

This sleek and modern template creates a professional and attractive resume. It takes a minimalist approach with a black color scheme, giving your CV a clean and sophisticated look.

The design highlights the content of your resume, allowing your qualifications and experience to take center stage without distraction.

Multi-industry professionals, job seekers looking for a modern look, people with experience in various fields, and tech-savvy professionals can make the most of this template.

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4.Black financial resume

A black financial resume is a boon for those with a financial background to make an impact with their employer. Black color symbolizes sophistication and professionalism, which are key elements for those dealing with finance. Since this is a financial resume, it has special sections detailing your financial qualifications, certifications, skills, work experience in finance-related positions, and relevant achievements.

The main benefit of a niche resume is that it presents achievements in a clear and focused way, making important financial information readily available to hiring managers.

This format is suitable for financiers, finance job seekers, and finance graduates.

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5.Blue modern resume

Blue Modern Resume is a great WPS store template with a modern design backed up by a blue color scheme that gives your resume a fresh and professional look. It has several well-designed sections including personal information, summary, work experience, education, skills and additional details, ensuring a logical flow of information.

An important advantage of using blue colors is that it attracts the attention of potential employers with its unique and aesthetic design.

Job seekers in various industries, graduates and people looking for a modern look are encouraged to use this template.

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6.Green simple resume for graduates

Another graduate resume template is Simple Green Resume, which creates a stunning resume that attracts employers. It has a dedicated section that highlights your education, courses, projects, internships, skills and achievements, leading to a comprehensive overview of your academic qualifications and experience. It has an excellent showcase of alumni's experience and education, allowing you to showcase your academic qualifications, honors, awards and relevant coursework.

It is best suited for recent graduates, job seekers looking for simplicity, and recent graduates in various fields.

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7.Simple blue resume for teachers

It is aimed at teachers and includes elements highlighting relevant skills and qualifications. Soothing shades of blue add feathering to the cap and enhance a more professional and visually appealing touch.

It allows you to effectively demonstrate your teaching experience, skills and qualifications developed around the teaching profession; can be used to display education, certificates and other education related achievements.

This template is highly recommended if you are a teacher of any level or are somehow related to the teaching profession and candidates in any other education sector.

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8.Simple resume on one page

As the name suggests, this is a simple resume template that has been intelligently designed to put all the most important information on one page for a concise and easy to read resume.

It's only one page, so you'll save time creating a professional resume, especially for people who have limited time or experience in creating a resume.

It is suitable for job seekers with limited experience and professionals from various industries to create a resume.

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9.A simple resume for minimalists

Use this template to create a simple and elegant resume. It is clean and minimalist and offers easy customization of content, including personal details, work experience, education and skills. It prioritizes readability and ensures that information is presented in a clear and structured way.

An important advantage of an elegant and minimalist design is that it can make a positive impression on potential employers or recruiters.

This template is best suited for aspiring job seekers, professionals in conservative industries, and those looking for a minimalist aesthetic.

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10.Creative resume for graduates

With this template, you can create a visually appealing resume in no time. It's packed with creative elements like unique layouts, color schemes, icons, and typography to make your resume stand out.

It's a great choice to show off your individuality by showcasing your unique personality, creativity and skills with creative design elements. Multiple customization options allow you to tailor the design to your preferences and personal brand.

It is best for recent graduates, those in creative fields, and tech-savvy people.

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Part 2: How to create a professional CV?

Writing a professional resume can be more work than you think. This is because there are several elements to consider when creating a professional resume. Below you will find valuable tips to make your CV look more professional.

Tips for writing a high-quality resume

  • Precisely and briefly

Always accurately state your personal information, education, work experience and relevant skills. Also, keep it short but concise. Your CV can be up to two pages long. Remember that you are introducing yourself, not writing a book about yourself.

Strengthen your data presentation.

You need to use a particularly large part of your previous work to show data, which will make your experience more compelling

  • Adapt it to work

Read the job description carefully, then prepare your resume accordingly and use all the skills you have – no matter how minor or outdated.

  • Add your interests

Make sure you don't undermine your interest and always list it on your resume and include anything that shows how diverse, interested and qualified you are. Never hesitate to consider every little detail as many employers choose people who go the extra mile to upgrade their skills and experience.

  • Relevant references

Always include references from people who are still available to you so that your prospective employer can consider your opinion. Last but not least, keep your CV up to date.

PRO TIP: Start your resume with a concise and impressive opening sentence that highlights your strengths, achievements, and career goals.

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How to use free resume templates in WPS Office?

With WPS Office, you can edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF for free. In addition, it also has a powerful free template library. Follow the step-by-step guide to use the free resume templatesWPS early.

Free download

  • Open WPS Office on your computer and click New. It will take you to a new window.

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  • In the new window, click Document and select All Templates. Click Continue.

Top 10 Resume Templates Free Download 2023 | WPS Office Blog (12)

  • Select a template from the list of templates and click on it. Then click Free Use and wait for a while.

Top 10 Resume Templates Free Download 2023 | WPS Office Blog (13)

  • Your resume template is now ready to be edited. You can edit any part of your resume with WPS Office.

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How to edit and customize a resume template?

  • Open the resume template you want to edit and customize.

  • To make changes to a section, click Sections. It allows you to edit any field such as work experience and education.

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  • You can also replace the default placeholder text with your own custom text. To do this, click on the text tool where you can make various changes.

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  • Click Page Layout to adjust the font, color, and layout. You can change the template theme, font, page margins, page orientation, effects, and colors.

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  • Now that you've finished editing your resume, it's time to save it. Press Menu and select Save as. You can see a list of different resume saving formats.

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Part 3: Pros and cons of using a resume template

Using a resume template saves time, focuses on content, requires no design experience, and grabs the reader's attention.

  • Creating a resume from scratch is a time-consuming process and you may encounter multiple versions of your resume

  • Designed by experts, the templates consist of a thorough flow of information that is in line with the intentions of the reader, which affects your impression and improves your virtual image in the eyes of the employer.

  • With resume templates, you get formats with different levels of experience and just edit your information with a fake one. No previous experience required.

  • Having a solid, stunning design with solid formatting allows you to focus more on the content than the layout.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How can I improve the format of my CV?

You can improve the formatting of your resume by incorporating graphical markings that keep the text concise, using the right color, the right balance between white space and text, and finally designing elements such as lines, boxes, and shadows.

Question 2: What critical mistakes should be avoided when writing a resume?

You should always avoid using the same resume for every type of job because each job has different requirements, doesn't add irrelevant information, and is readable by any reader.


Creating an impressive CV is mandatory as it is your virtual presentation and first impression to the employer. Choosing a good resume can be a tedious task, so it is always recommended to use predefined resume templates as it saves time and energy. While there are thousands of resume templates on the market, WPS Office offers a wide variety of resume templates that you can use to create a stunning and eye-catching resume.

ZWPS template shophas over a thousand great resume templates, most of which are free. You can start editing the template in your browser or download and edit it in WPS Office. These creative and attractive resume templates from WPS Store can help you find your favorite job; just choose a template.

Free download

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What is the best CV format for 2023? ›

For the majority of job-seekers, the best resume format in 2023 is the reverse-chronological resume format. This resume format involves listing your resume information (e.g. your work experience and your education) starting with the most recent one and going backward through relevant jobs, degrees, or qualifications.

Does Microsoft Office have free resume templates? ›

Yes, both the Microsoft Word website and desktop application have free resume templates. You can find them in the File menu by choosing to create a new document.

Does Microsoft Office have a resume template? ›

If you need help creating a resume or cover letter, start with one of the dozens of professionally-designed resume and cover letter templates that are available in Word. Go to File > New. In the search box, type Resume or Cover Letter. Double-click the template you want to use.

Which format do most employers prefer for resumes? ›

1. Reverse-Chronological Resumes. The most widely used resume format among job seekers today, reverse-chronological resumes are also probably the easiest for recruiters and hiring managers to understand at a glance—which is itself an advantage.

What skills are employers looking for in 2023? ›

The soft skills that may be most important in a changing job market for 2023 and beyond, according to McKinsey & Co., include:
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Mental flexibility.
  • Teamwork ability.
  • Self-leadership.
  • Digital fluency7.

Is it OK to use Microsoft resume templates? ›

Should I use a Microsoft Word resume template? There's not that much to say about Word templates, except that they're by far the most generic ones out there. Sure, they do the job, and they look professional, but they're not the best direction to go if you want to stand out, as they're quite limited.

How can I make a good resume for free download? ›

How to make a resume
  1. Open Canva. Open up Canva and search for "Resume" to start designing your own.
  2. Find the right template. Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed resume templates. ...
  3. Personalize your resume. ...
  4. Get creative with more features. ...
  5. Order your prints.

Should I use a free resume template? ›

It's certainly a good option for most job seekers who aren't graphic designers or otherwise need to impress hiring managers with a custom resume. Ultimately, resume templates can help you create a more professional-looking document and apply to more jobs more quickly. So Yes, it is ok to use resume template.

Are there any 100% free resume builders? ›

The resume builder stands out from the rest, but not only because we're the only truly free resume builder out there. We also offer: Access to dozens of professional and creative resume templates. Editing tools you can use directly on our platform.

Where is the best place to find resume templates? ›

Free resume templates through Google workspace

More specifically, in Google Docs, job seekers “can access five resume templates in the template gallery, as well as several other useful templates for business (e.g. business agendas, proposal templates, etc.),” says Darrisaw.

What are the best free resume makers? › is a completely free resume writer that offers dozens of templates for creating your resume or cover letter, as well as job boards and career advice. You have the option to upload and edit an existing resume, create a new one or edit one of the sample resumes offered on the site.

Which template is best for resume in MS Word? ›

LiveCareer offers a selection of the best resume templates for Word. Available in an array of styles — Modern, Creative, Traditional, Simple, Basic and Professional — all can be downloaded in three different file formats, including Word.

Where do I find Microsoft Office templates? ›

You can search for thousands of templates at

Which of the following should not be on your resume? ›

Personal details. There's no need to include personal information on a resume such as your social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs. In fact, it is illegal for employers to ask for these personal details.

How do I make a resume in 2023? ›

23 Resume Tips for 2023:
  1. Pick out a job target before you start to write the resume.
  2. Know yourself, know your audience, and know what matters most.
  3. Customize content for every job – general resumes don't work.
  4. Make your value known.
  5. Use a tailored resume header that speaks to the job you want, not the job you have.
Jan 10, 2023

Do employers prefer Word or PDF resume? ›

Recruiters will specify in the job posting which file format you should send your resume; If they didn't, or they gave you a free choice, always go with PDF; Avoid sending both Doc and PDF, as this will overwhelm the hiring manager process.

What is the most demanding skill in 2023? ›

The top five skills in demand for 2023 are management, communication, customer service, leadership, and sales. The top five hard skills include software development, SQL, finance, Python, and Java.

What are 7 soft skills? ›

The right personality traits can help you excel at work. Highly valued soft skills include communication, time management, network building, empathy, critical thinking, being proactive and self-awareness. You can develop soft skills in many ways, such as by taking online classes and conducting practice scenarios.

Do companies not like resume templates? ›

Bottom line: Using a template will never make you stand out and chances are your application will be cut short due to your resume being the same as every other job seeker's.

Should I make my resume on Canva or Word? ›

Even if you make your resume in a Word doc, you should still avoid using all of these to ensure your content is readable. And though some Canva templates are simpler and cleaner than others, they're all built on text boxes and other elements an ATS might not be able to decipher properly.

How far back should a resume go? ›

Generally, experts recommend keeping about 10-15 years of work experience on your resume, but that guidance changes depending on your professional history. Your resume is one of the first things a potential employer sees about you.

How many pages should a resume be? ›

Most resumes should be between one and two pages long. But, some can be three pages or more.

Do you put your address on a resume? ›

In today's workforce, including your full address on your resume is no longer necessary. However, including a general location on your resume provides an added boost to your job search.

What is an actual free resume builder? ›

Indeed's free resume builder is best for those looking to immediately jumpstart their job search after creating their resume. It guides you through the resume creation process with expert advice and prompts to help your resume catch employers' attention.

Does it matter what resume template you use? ›

It's likely the first thing that a hiring manager or recruiter sees when you apply for a job, so it's important to choose the right resume template. Understanding the layout and format that can highlight your unique credentials and skills can help you make a positive first impression on your prospective employer.

How many bullets should you have on a resume? ›

A good benchmark is between 3-5 bullet points per job. However, you can use as few as 2 bullet points or as many as 12 bullet points for each position as long as it's relevant to the job description. The number of bullet points you use typically depends on: Years of work experience.

Is resume genius free? ›

Resume Genius allows anyone to download and use their step-by-step guides, resume and cover letter templates, as well as other career resources for free.

How do I make a resume on Google Docs for free? ›

How to make a resume in Google Docs
  1. Create a Google account or sign in to your existing one.
  2. Go to Google Drive and proceed to the template gallery.
  3. Choose your ideal template.
  4. Fill in the template with your experience.
  5. Create copies of your resume in Google Drive.
Jun 28, 2022

Are Google resume templates good? ›

Utilizing Google Docs resume templates is a good idea when you need a simple resume template quickly. It lets you start easily, create a resume layout, and make moderate tweaks to personalize your document. Resume templates in Google Docs are free to use, too.

What is the easiest resume template? ›

The easiest resume format to read is the reverse chronological format. Recruiters and hiring managers are familiar with its structure, and it's the most popular resume format in 2023 among candidates. Applicant tracking software can also scan it without any problems.

Is Zety the best resume builder? ›

Zety is the best website to build a professional resume and generate a convincing cover letter quickly and easily.

How much does it cost to have someone write your resume? ›

Professional resume writing services range from $100 to $1000+, with the average price around $200. The cost of a resume writing service depends on your level of experience, with entry-level resumes costing less than mid-level and executive-level applications.

Which is the best resume maker app? ›

10 Best Resume Apps for iPhone & Android in 2023
  • Kickresume: AI Resume Builder.
  • Canva: Design, Photo & Video.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs.
  • Quick Resume Pro.
  • Resume Builder by Nobody.
  • Resume Builder: PDF Resume App.
  • Perfect Resume.
Feb 14, 2023

What are the three 3 types of a professional resume? ›

Which resume format is right for you? There are three common resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination.

Can I get a free copy of Microsoft Word? ›

Use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more for free on the web

Whether you're at work or on the go, create your best work on your favorite browser.

What is the best resume format for 10 years experience? ›

Most resumes hiring managers to see are in the Reverse Chronological Resume Format. That's because it is suitable for pretty much every job position. This format is mostly career-oriented – it lists your work history in order, as the most recent position would be at the top.

Which template do most employers prefer for resumes? ›

1. Reverse-Chronological Resumes. The most widely used resume format among job seekers today, reverse-chronological resumes are also probably the easiest for recruiters and hiring managers to understand at a glance—which is itself an advantage.

What are the two most widely used resume templates? ›

The reverse-chronological resume format.

This is the most common and practical resume format in 2023. The functional resume format is also known as the skills-based resume format. The combination resume format, or hybrid resume format, is a combination of the other two formats.

How do I get more templates for Microsoft Word? ›

Click the Templates tab. Under Global templates and add-ins, select the check box next to the template or add-in that you want to load. If the template or add-in you want does not appear in the box, click Add, switch to the folder that contains the template or add-in you want, click it, and then click OK.

Does Office 365 have templates? ›

Bring your ideas to life with more customizable templates and new creative options when you subscribe to Microsoft 365.

What is the best CV format for USA? ›

The most popular US resume format is the chronological format (also known as the reverse-chronological format). This format is widely preferred by recruiters, and for a good reason—it puts the focus on your work experience by starting with your most recent job and making your way back.

What is the American version of CV? ›

In the UK, the document is called a CV (Curriculum Vitae) and the title is placed as a heading on the résumé. In the US, it is called 'Personal Résumé' or 'Curriculum Vitae'.

How long should a resume be in 2023? ›

A resume in 2023 should be either one-page or two-pages long, it will depend on your years of experience. Typically, a one-page resume is the most commonly submitted to a job application but it's normal for senior-level or managerial positions to receive professional resumes that are two-pages long.

What is the best date format for CV? ›

For date ranges, use “space-dash-space” formatting: “June – August 2017” not “June-August 2017”. Be sure that same style of dash (shorter hyphen or slightly longer en-dash) is used consistently throughout. Align dates on the right margin.

What is the most common CV format used worldwide? ›

The chronological résumé is the most common format of them all — and for good reason, too.

How do I format my resume for USA jobs? ›

What to include in your resume
  1. Include important contact information. ...
  2. Include dates, hours, level of experience and examples for each work experience. ...
  3. Include volunteer work and roles in community organizations. ...
  4. Use numbers to highlight your accomplishments. ...
  5. Customize your resume.

How should a CV format look like? ›

The essential information on your CV includes: contact information, CV summary or objective, work experience, education, and skills. Optional sections may include: certifications and awards, languages, hobbies, interests, and any relevant social media channels.

Which of the following should not be included in a resume? ›

Personal details. There's no need to include personal information on a resume such as your social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs. In fact, it is illegal for employers to ask for these personal details.

How different the North American format of a resume is? ›

An American resume is typically a one-page document similar to a CV. The US resume format lays information out in reverse-chronological order: you start with your most recent job and make your way back in time. American resumes often start with a heading statement, followed by experience, education, and skills.

Who uses CV instead of resume? ›

In the U.S., a resume typically refers to a shorter document, whereas a CV includes much more detail. CVs are generally used in the academic and scientific worlds. However, in the European Union and other parts of the world, applicants use CVs when applying to most jobs.

What are the worst resume mistakes? ›

The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid
  • Typos and Grammatical Errors. ...
  • Lack of Specifics. ...
  • Attempting the "One–Size–Fits–All" Approach. ...
  • Highlighting Duties Instead of Accomplishments. ...
  • Going on Too Long or Cutting Things Too Short. ...
  • Bad Summary. ...
  • No Action Verbs. ...
  • Leaving Off Important Information.

Is it better to have a 1 page or 2 page resume? ›

Allowing your resume to run longer than the standard one-page length may actually help you get further in the job hunting process, research suggests. A 2018 study found that employers preferred two-page resumes over one-page resumes, regardless of a candidate's job level.

Should you put 20 years on a resume? ›

As you move through your career, the rule of thumb is to include only the most recent 10 to 15 years of job experience.

What are weak action verbs in resume? ›

After years of reviewing resumes, I have compiled a short list of weak verbs and phrases to stay away from: Worked with, Responsible for, Experienced, Tried, Does, Made, Watched. There are also verbs that are perfectly fine but overused: Assisted, Led, Oversaw, Utilized.

Should I leave dates off my resume? ›

You must include resume dates to show the details of your experience. But— Don't worry that resume dates will give away your age or make you look overqualified (or underqualified). They'll find out in the interview anyway.

Should I put years on my resume? ›

Traditionally, resumes list work experience in reverse chronological order and use months and years to show the time worked in each role. However, if you're concerned about age discrimination, or if you're just entering the workforce, you can use a resume format that highlights your skills instead.


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