The definitive guide to service recovery (2023)

Introducevisit a certainRestaurant once a month. One fine day, you are denied entry despite having made a reservation. The staff informs you that the restaurant is fully booked and your reservation cannot be found. this experienceit will probably change your perception of this place and it is possible thatPlease reconsider your next visit. ButandOfgo out, the manager will approach you and offer you the best table. He toolet's goOfsablethat your dinner is underwayCasa, It's youcan redeem a loyaltydiscount on your next visit.Impressed by this gesture,you forgive themNegativeexperience you had recently.

This is service recovery in action.

You have gone from frustration to joy that the restaurant did everything possible to correct a mistake. You might even become your loyal customer due to your effective service recovery program.

supervision: Soloafter a customer has had a bad experience,in the next momentit's your best chance to do itwin backyour loyalty. This is only possible if you implement the right service recovery strategy.This guide will answer all your questions about service restoration and more.:

    1. What is service recovery?
    2. Why is service restoration important?
    3. What is the service recovery paradox?
    4. What are the steps to restore service?
    5. What are examples of customer service recovery?
    6. What are the best practices for service recovery?
    7. How can Freshdesk simplify service recovery for your team?

What is service recovery?

service recoveryit is a strategy used by service providers to reassure customers who have had bad service experiences with their business and to help them recover from such service interruptions. Service recovery efforts help dissatisfied customers overcome the inconvenience caused by service interruption by not only fixing the service issue, but also exceeding customer expectations.

An effective service recovery plan increases the resiliency of yourCustomer Experience Strategy. With approximately 31% of global consumers willing to pay more for a great customer service experience,you can be carefulCreation of an action plan to deal with service failure scenariosand ensure flawless performance.

Why is service restoration important?

The modern marketplace is highly competitive and around 56% of consumers worldwide stop doing business with a brand or switch to a competitor because they are single. bad customer service experience. [1]A utility recovery programplays a key role in thisTurn customers into loyal champions.

If you are faced with dissatisfied customers due to a service interruption, it is better to have a good service recovery plan than to simply react to these situations on the go.

Here are some of the benefits of creating and implementing a successful utility recovery program:

#1 High immediate customer satisfaction

For a client who simplyspaciousexperience when you can turn things around with a beautifully designed service recovery,You can avoid possible sales and offerssnapshotcustomer satisfaction. This satisfaction is usually higher and is achieved much faster compared to a regular customer.Not only that,Service recovery becomes a great tool to build customer loyalty in a short period of time.

#2 ImproveDcustomer service experience

By creating your service recovery program, you can recover customer datato enhance your existing customer experience strategy. TOholisticservice recoveryprogram will help increasecustomer loyaltyVonappease dissatisfied customers. you will toobe ableto understandhow your customer feels and gaps in your customer service strategy,allow youto improve their processes and the quality of service provision.

#3 Höherer Customer Lifetime Value

CanGet more engagement from loyal customerswhile shethey are more likely to buy or explore other offerings from the same company because they trust the brand.loyal customersOMSbecomemercadoDefenders based on successful service recovery have a much higher lifetime value and are great brand ambassadors.throughmustWord of mouth and social media mentions. This increases themarket valueclearly theClientcentered marks.

Now that you understand the benefits of service recovery, let's learn more about the service recovery paradox and what it means for your team.

What is the service recovery paradox?

The service recovery paradox is a phenomenon in which you feel a higher level of satisfaction with a business after a successful service recovery compared to the level of satisfaction you would feel if you never had a problem.first of all.

The definitive guide to service recovery (1)


For example, you order groceries online, but the delivery is delayed due to bad weather. To make up for this loss of service, the food aggregator will refund the value of that meal and offer you a 50% discount on your next three orders. You are more likely to become a loyal customer now than if your order had arrived on time.

What does it mean to your customer service team?

The service recovery paradox is a useful pointer that can point you in the right direction when faced with customer situations where service recovery is possible. With that in mind, here are two things you can do to get a clearer picture of your next steps in service recovery:

#1 Find out how your customerfeelings

To identify service recovery opportunities, it's important to understand which of your customers are satisfied and which are not. Track metrics likeCSATy CES(Customer Effort Score) can help you with that. these metricshelp toYou limit your list to a group of clientsby which it can be achievedservice recoveryefforts.

#2 Prioritize service recovery issues

It is important to note that service recovery does not work for all types of customer issues. When an issue is critical and has caused significant disruption to the customer, service recovery strategies are unlikely to work. In this case, all you can do is fix the problem and wait for the relationship to return to normal. Problems that are minor leaks and cause little discomfort are easier to fix. Soprioritize yoursCustomer issues when planning their service recovery strategy.

Now that you know what service recovery is, why it's important, and how it can affect customer service, how can you make it part of your service recovery strategy? While service recovery plans can vary depending on the situation and the type of customer, here are three steps you can take to prepare for these situations:

Steps to restore service

#1 Context definition and service recovery planning

Clients hate having to explain themselves every time they talk to an agent. If the customer has a problem and calls your support team, the agent receiving the complaint should have the full context of the problem, even if it's their first time interacting with the customer.

Context configuration speeds up the service recovery process. You can act quickly and efficiently when each support agent has the full context of customer issues. This information will also help you better plan for service recovery the next time you have similar customer issues. You also canContact your customers who were not satisfied with the solution provided to rectify the situation.

#2 Proactive customer service and anticipation of customer problems

Based on the collected context, you can identify customer issuesthe needs of its customers andRules for customer complaints. Use this information to anticipate problems that may arise in the future. Communicate proactively and let the customer know the problem and solution before they come to you.

for example whenYou are an Internet Service Provider andA customer complains about the slow speed,Ofreceived similar complaints from other customers in the same area code.Inspire your clientsProactively send a message to each customer that you are working on the issue. YeahOfI want to go one step furtherlet them know when they can expect services to be restored in their area, orofferyour dissatisfied customerssome kind of compensation, like B. a free upgrade.

#3 Agent training and willingness to resolve

Service recovery plans are as good as the bestcustomer staff. train yoursAgents on the steps they should followIdentify and solve customer problems..When dealing with complex clients, empathy is importantissues. strengthen youragents to decidewhat is rightand do everything possible to make the customer happy.

It is also important to have your own.Serviceready recovery plansfor execution. If you are able to anticipate problems and understand the range ofClientyou must have questions the right solutions for these problems at your fingertips.when you train yourgood agents,they goknow exactly what to do andhe would beequipped with the right solutions thatcontribute toeffective service recovery efforts.

Once you've determined how to create a service recovery plan and train your agents on it, you should also consider customer service recovery examples to successfully launch your service recovery program.

Customer Service Recovery Examples

Here are 2 customer service recovery examples to get inspired:

#1 Southwest Airlines por Paar Adam Toporek

Adam Toporek, a thought leader in customer experience,Dividedan incident that happened to himbe part of, if you fly with Southwest Airlines.[2]Even after paying $8 for Wi-Fi on board, you still haveI couldn'tConnect to the Internet. Other passengers had the same problem, so he raised it with the flight attendant. after investigationthe cause of this service interruption, she ruefully announced that the WiFi could not be fixed. Since the email was not accessed, it was not possible to determine if the $8 fee had been paid.

The definitive guide to service recovery (2)

A few days later, he received an email from Southwest Airlines apologizing for the inconvenience.Cause and Notice$8 fee refund. This was a great example for the company.extenderproactiveCustomer serviceafter a bad experience, and do whatever it takesput up withthe client too.

#2 The Zingerman Point Letter Hits the Sweet Spot

Zingerman's is a delicatessen located in St. Ann Arbor, Detroit, USA.[3]They are known for theirBusinessboughtdelicaciesA customer hosting her parents' birthday party asked for a box of cookies and brownies. Unfortunately the large cookies and brownies were a bit crumbly when the package arrived. They still tasted good so the customer didn't care. Zingerman's has a good customer feedback policy and sent the customer a letter inquiring about the candy. The customer responded that the cookies were good but fell apart when they arrived. They added that next time they would try a different bakery closer to home.

The definitive guide to service recovery (3)

When Zingerman received these comments, Zingerman immediately apologized for the damaged baked goods and offered to send a replacement directly to her address, even with a personal message, since it was a special occasion. they also collectcustomer feedbackabout how they can improve this situation while sharing feedback with senior management.Such service recovery efforts are appreciated and reflected by customers.How much does the company care about its customers?

Recommended course of actiontheyservice recovery

The best practices provide a good starting point for your service recovery plans.Let's dive into 4 service recovery best practices to appease angry customers and efficiently manage service outages.

#1 have patience

Before responding to an outage, your support team should carefully try to understand what went wrong. It would help if you asked the right questions to get to the heart of the customer's problem faster, but allow customers to be slow to respond. Not taking the time to understand the problem can lead to the wrong course of action.

#2 Go further

When it comes to service recovery, you always have to go the extra mile for the customer. Service recovery plans must be placed by youYour clients and their needsFirst. It may even require you to deviate from your usual way of dealing with problems.The goal of a service recovery plan is to exceed customer expectations, especially after a service interruption, even if make up for yoursinconvenience.

#3 Maintain a recovery mindset

Restoring services requires some flexibility when it comes to troubleshooting. Empathy and understanding are an important part of this mindset. It is not enough to solve a customer problem. Service recovery requires support teams to approach every customer issue as a customer acquisition opportunity.

#4 Prioritize recovery speed

The anxiety clients experience when things don't work out for them can quickly turn into frustration. To avoid these situations, your support team must act quickly while working to restore service. The speed of starting and completing the service recovery process is critical to capitalizing on this window of opportunity.

The definitive guide to service recovery (4)

AccomplishYour service recovery plan with Freshdesk

a... haveCustomer Service Softwarehow Freshdesk makes the work of customer service teams much easier. With that in mind, let's look at some resources that will come in handy as you move forward with your customer service strategy:

#1 Contextual Conversations

Context is everything when it comes to restoring service. When the customer is dissatisfied with a problem, he has to act quickly, which means he doesn't have a lot of time to gather information about the problem.

With Freshdesk, you can access ticket history through an activity log that gives you all the customer data you need instantly. It contains all previous conversations your support team had with the customer, details of the agents who worked on the ticket, status changes, etc. Point to restore your service.

#2 Collaboration

During a service recovery process, there are times when you need helpother internal teams.Sometimes it may even be necessarythe participation of severalAgents.

To facilitate the transfer of information in these situations, Freshdesk's shared ownership feature allows the agent to provide access to the ticket view to any team or individual who needs it. This simple but effective collaboration can really help speed service recovery andMake it possibleagents forTo divideReal-time updates with your customers.

#3 Proactive engagement

Predicting and identifying patterns is the goal of customer service. But these practicescriticalto ensure the effective recovery of the service. proactiveIdentify customer pain pointsit's part of executing the perfect service recovery scenario.

In Freshdesk, you can set up custom proactive support emails that are triggered when your agent anticipates an issue. Cancustomize and saveyour message andbrandall recipients affected by the problem. You can also use predictive support for discovery.and reach frustrated customers by monitoring their behaviorabandoned carts, angry clicks, etc.


One of the best lessons in customer service is understanding the value of your customers' time. Some issues may take longer to resolveempathicIt is important, but also challenging.However,This mindset is necessary to succeed in service restoration.

Please note that not all situations can be resolved by restoring service. In situations where service recovery is possible, time becomes of the essence. And to correctly determine service recovery time, it's important to assess how dissatisfied a customer is after a problem. If you wait too long, the opportunity will pass, but if you canby responding proactively and offering an effective solution, win a customer for life.

We hope the guide above has helped you find answers to all of your service recovery questions. Are there any best practices that I follow? Please let us know in the comments below.

Originally published on October 17, 2019. Updated on June 16, 2022.

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