The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (2023)

With the efforts of manufacturers like Rei Coop, electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) are constantly improving. develop thebest full suspension electric bike, E-MTB designers experiment with a variety of components in the creation process.

  • Part 1: What are the best full suspension electric bikes available today?
  • Part 2: Full suspension electric bike rating system
  • Part 3: How to do an electric mountain bike test
  • Part 4: Full suspension electric mountain bike buyer's guide
  • Part 5: Electric mountain bike riding and maintenance manual
  • Part 6: Conclusion

Part 1: What are the best full suspension electric bikes available today?

There are a variety of full suspension e-MTBs for buyers to choose from. Below is a list of some of the best full suspension electric bikes available.

Specialized Turbo Levo SL (2022)

The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (1)

Price: 7000$


  • Light structure and light engine
  • Performance view makes user customization easy
  • Lower weight improves handling and maneuverability.


  • noisy engine
  • Not suitable for tall drivers.
  • Light steering means less control when driving at higher speeds


  • Frame: Specialized M5 premium aluminum
  • Rodas: Roval Traverse 29
  • Motor: Specialized SL 1.1
  • Maximum supported speed: 20 mph

Product accesses:

The 2022 Specialized Levo SL has a smaller and lighter battery that makes the bike lighter. The e-bike also has a firmware update for the SL 1.1 engine that smooths out the engine's performance. This gives the e-bike more even power on the climbs.

Product Description:

The 2022 Specialized Levo SL is at the Class 1 electric bicycle classification level. The bicycle is made of high-quality aluminum and is considered to be a lightweight version of the Levo. The lightweight SL 1.1 motor supports the e-bike silently when pedaling. The bike is designed to look like a Stumpjumper mountain bike. Offers balanced handling and smooth suspension.

Additionally, the Mission Control app allows users to customize their ride. With the app, the driver can adapt the engine to his driving style, record trips and monitor the battery. The ability to monitor the battery is an especially useful feature for drivers looking to take long trips. The app also allows users to use an optional range extender that increases range by 50%. The bike also has a power meter built into the engine. This allows cyclists to see how much power they are producing in watts while riding their bike. Due to these technological advancements, the Specialized Levo SL is considered the ultimate full suspension electric bike.

Orbea Rise M10 2022 See More

The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (2)

Price: $8999.99


  • Possibility to customize the features supplied with the bike when ordering
  • Light weight for easy maneuvering and placement in a luggage rack
  • Longer battery life due to lower power consumption


  • Reduced power requires the rider to use all gears on steep climbs
  • A greater reliance on manual pedaling can be frustrating.


  • Frame: OMR Carbon
  • Rodas: Race Face TURBINE-R30 15/110 mm ES
  • Motor: Shimano EP8 RS-Motor
  • Maximum supported speed: 20 mph

Product accesses:

The Orbea Rise M10 introduced a Rider Synergy (RS) philosophy focused on the integration of performance, weight, interface and range. The E-MTB relies more on the user's manual pedaling than its competitors, which reduces energy consumption. In addition, the designers have developed a thin and long-capacity battery, which makes the electric bicycle look like a non-electric bicycle. The full-size engine matches the bike's frame to further reinforce its heritage look.

Product Description:

The Orbea Rise M10 2022 model takes up the idea of ​​mechanical pedaling through its Rider Synergy (RS) philosophy. Riders benefit from a premium quality, lightweight full suspension electric bike with longer battery life because they have to use more hand power when pedaling. The battery can last 50% longer due to lower power consumption compared to some of the best full suspension electric bikes. For users who want to ride their bike for longer periods of time, there is a range extender. Orbea knew how to integrate all these innovations without compromising the performance of the e-bike.

In addition to the RS system, the Orbea team has optimized the bike's frame. The traditional electric bike is packed with sensors, cables, and displays, among other things. Because the battery is long and thin and the motor is camouflaged, the bike doesn't look like a traditional electric bike. Furthermore, the screens have been removed from the cockpit, further reinforcing the non-traditional look of e-bikes. By reducing cables and screens, Orbea was able to reduce the weight of the bike. In short, Orbea revolutionizes the riding experience by involving riders more in the cycling process.

Haibike Allmtn 5 (2021)

The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (3)

Price: 6,800$


  • Modular Rail System (MRS) allows users to customize bike accessories
  • Debonair inner tube adapts to the rider's weight
  • Different sized wheels provide better control over uneven terrain.


  • Wheels of different sizes mean that an ill-fitting bike can lead to imbalance.
  • 6061 aluminum frame wears out faster


  • Structure: aluminum 6061
  • Rodas: Maxxis Minion DHF, 29″ x 2,50″
  • Motor: Bosch Gen4 Performance CX
  • Maximum supported speed: 20 mph

Product accesses:

Haibike has created an electric bike that can compete with the best all-round electric bikes at a lower price. The Modular Rail System (MRS) allows customization of accessories, allowing the buyer to choose which accessories meet their needs. For example, the RockShox feature allows you to adjust the bike based on the rider's weight.

Product Description:

The Haibike Allmtn 5 is the brand's latest electric bike model. The bike can reach up to 20 km/h. Thanks to the wheels of different sizes, also known as mullet wheels, the electric bike has excellent traction both uphill and downhill. The Bosch Performance CX engine supports the rider, especially when going uphill or downhill. The mullet wheel set and motor make it easy for riders to tackle a variety of terrains.

In addition, Haibike is equipped with updated firmware from Bosch. One feature of the update is an improved center of gravity. The upgrade gives riders the feeling of riding a regular acoustic bike. The upgrade also offers four levels of assistance, and riders have the option to turn the assistance off and ride the e-bike like a regular bike. The Haibike Allmtn 5 Mullet wheelset and updated firmware make it one of the best all-around eMTBs for new and intermediate riders.

Trek E-Calibre 9.9 XX1 AXS (2021)

The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (4)

Price: $13,549.99


  • The lightest full suspension e-bike on the market
  • Motor and battery are easily removable
  • ProjectOne Configurator allows riders to customize the bike's finish


  • Not suitable for heavier riders and uneven terrain.
  • The lack of physical buttons forces riders to look at the LED to see the bike assist mode.


  • Rahmen: OCLV Mountain Carbon
  • Wheels: Kovee XXX 30 carbon wheels
  • Engine: Fazua evasion engine
  • Maximum supported speed: 20 mph

Product accesses:

The Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XX1 AX (2021) is the lightest bike on the market. Both the motor and battery can be easily removed and passengers can leave the units turned off to utilize the storage space. The bike comes with the FAZUA bX remote control, which can be used to activate the battery. It also has three system modes that allow users to customize their driving mode to their preferences.

Product Description:

The inventors of the Trek E-Caliber 9.9 XX1 AX revolutionized the design to make the bike as light as possible. The bike looks like a traditional cross country bike. It gives the rider a natural pedaling feel, while the Fazua engine gives the rider a boost on steep climbs and rough terrain. IsoStrut technology delivers suspension and comfort without sacrificing efficiency. The components of this ultimate full suspension electric bike give riders a natural feel while offering technological enhancements to make the ride more enjoyable.

In addition, the bike has many customizable features. Fazua has a software called BLACK PEPPER. The software responds to the user's pedal stroke and delivers more power when detecting more difficult terrain. In addition, the user can remove the motorized features to make the bike even lighter. As one of the most affordable electric bikes on the market, the Trek Caliber 9.9 XX1 AX offers the rider all of its customizable components.

YT Decoy-Shred

The 5 best full-suspension e-bikes tested in 2022 (5)

Price: $5,999


  • Robust 170mm Fox 38 Grip fork performs well in all conditions
  • Flip-Chip Geometry Modifier
  • Highly advanced 4-link suspension
  • Shimano XT drivetrain is robust


  • Mud tends to collect around the raised rear clamp behind the engine;
  • Do not place the bike upside down during cleaning.


  • Frame: Carbon/Alloy, 165mm travel (164mm measurement)
  • Compatible with: E13 E*Spec Plus 110
  • Motor: Shimano Steps E8000
  • Maximum supported speed: 20 mph

Product accesses:

The DECOY is a fast, powerful, gravity-oriented E-MTB. It has the speed to keep up with its friends and the power to crush any enduro mission that gets in its way.

Product Description:

The DECOY is a rugged E-MTB built for gravity. It's powerful and fast - it gets you anywhere in no time. But it also has enough reserves for the most demanding enduro use. This bike was designed for enduro racing and riders who love to push their limits - and their bike's limits - on the descents. It's strong enough to handle steep inclines, rocky terrain, mud, and everything else that comes along with these types of rides.

Part 2: Full suspension electric bike rating system

Electric mountain bikes fall into three different classes. Electric bikes, in particular, fall into each of these classes. To identify their best full suspension electric bike, users can follow the ranking system.

  • CLASS 1: Class 1 electric bicycles are also known as "low speed pedal electric bicycles". This class of electric bicycle requires the user to pedal and assist up to 32 km/h.
  • CLASS 2: Class 2 electric bicycles are known as “Low Speed ​​Throttle Assisted Electric Bicycles”. This class does not require pedaling and the throttle is used when riders are not pedaling. This class of electric bicycles reaches a maximum speed of 20 km/h.
  • CLASS 3: Class 3 electric bicycles are called "Pedal Assist Speed ​​​​Electric Bicycles". Different regulations apply to this class of electric bicycles, depending on local regulations. The motors on these e-bikes offer assistance up to a speed of 45 km/h.

Cyclists are responsible for familiarizing themselves with local regulations wherever they travel. Compliance with the rules protects the safety of the driver and others. The three-layer system may not be recognized in all areas. By understanding the classes that each ebike falls into, a rider can form their own idea of ​​their best full suspension ebike.

Part 3: How to do an electric mountain bike test

To find the best electric bike for you, you need to ride a bike. Below is a list of how to perform an electric mountain bike test.

  • FIND A BIKE SHOP: Find a local bike shop to find the best full suspension electric bike for you. It would be beneficial if you select a few bicycle models that interest you before coming to the store. This makes it easy to find a bike or get help from a store employee.
  • TEST A DEMO BIKE: Once you find a store, you can test drive a demo or a demo bike. Please note there may be a shortage due to Covid. Demo bikes allow users to get to grips with the bike.
  • ADJUST THE BIKE: Adjust the bike for your own comfort. Lower the seat and test the gears. Also ask for help if you need it.
  • COME PREPARED: Be sure to bring a helmet and shoes for your demo ride! Sometimes it may be necessary to bring pedals or even the bicycle seat.
  • TRY A LOT OF BIKES: Don't commit to the first electric bike you try. Try different bikes and find the right one.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME: Don't feel pressured to buy the electric bike right away. Come back a second time if you need to try some electric bikes again.

Electric bikes are a great investment. It is important to find one that best suits you. Testing electric bikes gives you an idea of ​​how the electric bike feels when you ride it.

Part 4: Full suspension electric mountain bike buyer's guide

take care ofFull Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Buyer's Guide? When choosing the best eMTB for you, it's important to understand the components of the electric bike you're buying. Components affect the price of the e-bike. Understanding what features an electric bike has will help you better assess whether the price you are paying is worth it.

Uses: Knowing what you intend to use your electric bike for will help you decide which features are worth spending money on.

  • Commuting: Especially in big cities, you can use electric bicycles to get around. The engine makes commuting easier while giving drivers a way to get to work or school.
  • EXERCISE: Electric bikes are a great way to exercise. Since the engine can be turned off, it can also be ridden like a conventional bicycle.
  • OFF-ROAD: Electric bike motors are designed for a variety of terrains. Therefore, electric bikes make it easy for the rider to tackle any trail.

Wheel Size: Browsing through the selection of electric bikes, you will find a wheel size discrepancy.

Wheel size plays an important role in a bike's speed, stability, and handling.

  • BIG: Big wheels are a great choice for riders who want to ride a variety of terrains. What is a ferris wheel? over 22 inches.
  • SMALL: Small bikes tend to handle well and accelerate quickly. Small wheels are 20 inches and smaller. H8: Bicycle Construction – There are several components that make up the construction of an electric bicycle.

The more expensive the equipment, the higher the price of the bike. Below are some of the components you might find on an electric bike.

  • ELECTRIC MOTOR: The motor is fundamental to the frame. Engines are permanent and cannot be exchanged for another engine. Motors must provide a balance between the power and weight of the bike.
  • BATTERY: An electric bike's battery determines how long you can ride the bike before needing to recharge and how far you can ride on a full charge. Batteries vary in size and weight.
  • MATERIAL: Electric bikes are made of four different materials: aluminum, steel, titanium and carbon fiber. The more expensive the material, the more expensive the bike.
  • FRAME: There are four different frames that are popular among electric bikes. These frames are: traditional beam, stepper, trapeze and mini/compact fleece. The traditional crossbar is similar to a traditional analog bike. For pass-through frames, the top tube is removed.
  • SENSORS: Sensors are used to allow you to interact with the drive train. The cadence sensor is on/off, the torque sensor needs to apply force, and the advanced sensor uses both signals and measures rear wheel speed to determine when to contribute.

Trapezoidal frames are considered "sporty" and have a lower top tube. The compact/mini bike has smaller wheels and can be folded.

  • BRAKES: Two popular braking options for an electric bike are hydraulic brakes and mechanical brakes. Mechanical brakes are generally cheaper than hydraulic brakes.

It is important to remember that the larger the brake motor, the more powerful the brakes.

  • WHEELS: As mentioned above, wheel size plays a significant role in a bike's performance. Buyers should also pay attention to the puncture protection of a wheel. The thicker and heavier the wheel, the better the puncture protection.

Flachpedale ou Clip-on-Pedale

  • FLAT PEDALS: Flat pedals allow your feet to relax and generally help you feel more confident and relaxed on the bike.
  • CLIP-ON PEDALS - Clip-on pedals let you propel the bike forward on both the climb and the descent; If you carry the bike on your back, you can overcome obstacles on the way.

Tune my e-bike to go faster

  • NOT RECOMMENDED: Increasing mountain bike speed is not recommended. First, it's illegal, and if you're involved in an accident involving someone else, you're likely to be liable. Second, your warranty will be void. It ends up accelerating the wear of all your motorcycle's consumables, including the engine, which can be very expensive if it suddenly breaks down and the warranty expires.

Options for men and women.

Three factors play an important role in choosing the best electric bike for women or men: frame design, seat width and handlebar position.

  • STRUCTURE PATTERN: Females tend to be smaller than males. When looking for a comfortable E-MTB frame design, the buyer should consider the seat-to-pedal distance.
  • SEAT: A comfortable seat makes for a more comfortable ride. When choosing a bicycle seat, buyers choose between a wide seat and a narrow seat. Wide seats fit wider hips better, while narrow, long seats offer more room.
  • HANDLEBARS: When looking at handlebars, the buyer should consider the length of the stem. The shorter the stem, the closer the handlebars will be. H10: shopping convenience

By familiarizing yourself with aspects of the best full suspension E-MTB, you will be better able to decide how much you want to spend on a bike. Convenience of purchase is based on individual decision. In summary, a buyer should ask themselves:

  • What is the best bike for me?
  • Which bike fits my budget?
  • How often will I drive it?
  • Which components are most important to me?
  • Where will I ride my bike?

Electric bikes are a great investment and buyers should consider their suitability before making a purchase.

Part 5: Electric mountain bike riding and maintenance manual

Electric mountain bikes not only have to be purchased, but also require certain riding skills and maintenance precautions.

Is it safe to ride an electric mountain bike?

Electric mountain bikes carry about the same risk as other standard bikes because electric mountain bikes generally don't exceed 40 km/h. Electric mountain bikes are often equipped with small electric motors that are not powerful enough to be really dangerous on the road. However, all this requires knowledge of the various accessories and devices for mountain bikes, the use of a helmet and compliance with traffic regulations.

How to Climb a Steep Hill

With some riding skill, the existence of electric mountain bikes allows you to climb steep slopes. The most important thing when going uphill is to keep the front wheel of the mountain bike on the ground. You can adjust the saddle angle depending on how big the climb is, shift your body weight forward, and turn the cranks to ensure the engine stays on.

stored batteries

Battery storage on electric mountain bikes is more important than on other conventional mountain bikes. Protect batteries between 10 and 20 °C and away from direct sunlight. If that's not possible, consider using a heating blanket (basically an insulating sleeve) to keep it inside, as it will maintain a better temperature.

If you won't be riding for a while, remove the battery from the bike and store it at home at about 60% charge (the exact amount varies by brand). Please fully charge before use.

How to keep an electric bike lubricated

First of all, ebike drives have a long lifespan, tremendous power and torque on the chain, and shift under unimaginable loads on a regular bike. This means that it is crucial to keep the chain and rollers well lubricated. Second, after washing, make sure the chain is clean and dry. You can kick the chain back and oil each link. High performance wet lubricant is a good choice. After oiling each link, take a rag and run the chain through it to remove excess oil.

How to clean an electric mountain bike

It's a good idea to wash your electric mountain bike after every ride. First, be careful not to use a pressure washer to avoid damage to small parts. Second, avoid bicycle degreasers and shampoos - use garden hoses or water from a bucket and a series of brushes to get to the difficult areas around cranks and engines.

Part 6: Conclusion

Buying an E-MTB can be overwhelming. There are many to choose from and each bike has different capabilities. By becoming familiar with full suspension electric bikes and their components, buyers will find it easier to purchase their own bike. E-MTBs continue to grow in popularity, bringing more technologically advanced bikes each year that are changing the I'm on my wayriders riding experience.

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