The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (2023)

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ZSpecializedCome on, I want to talk.

The 42-year-old model is not ready yet. Not if the 2023 update, more like a full reboot, is something to go for.

Not to be confused with the Allez Sprint designed for demanding cyclists and riders with a little more money, the 2023 Allez remains Specialized's entry point into cycling and has been updated to reflect modern road bike trends.

Perhaps most notably, the new Allez makes rim brakes obsolete. That's right, it's only for discs now. There is also increased tire clearance by 35mm. A lot is going on under the hood, but also in the frame itself. Specialized has taken extra measures to ensure that this aluminum frame will allow the budding rider to progress for years.

It really is a race bike in an age where the entry-level build looks more and more like an endangered species, and gravel bikes and other 'n+1 killer' builds are becoming more commonplace.

So what does an alloy road bike look like today?

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The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (1)


Specialized put some effort into designing the frame itself. Instead of using straight-diameter alloy tubing and calling it a day, the brand opted for double-sided tubing.

Stamping means reducing the amount of material in the center of the tube to reduce weight while retaining more material at the ends, resulting in tighter tube joints where the rider applies more force to the bike. It's a more expensive way to build it, but gives you a better ride quality and a lighter frame.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (2)

Specialized claims the frame weighs 1375 grams, which is not bad for a metal frame. It is then paired with a full carbon fork, which also helps keep the weight down.

Other frame design options are designed for ease of maintenance and future-proofing. The bike has a BSA threaded bottom bracket and a standard 68mm racing chassis [Editor's Note: bottom bracket was previously misspelled as T47 in this review]. It uses a standard 27.2mm round seatpost as well as a standard stem and handlebar. This makes it easier to find components to upgrade or replace, and makes routine headset adjustments easier.

(Video) NEW 2023 Specialized Allez | 5 Things You Should Know

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (3)

Specialized went ahead and routed the cables internally because it looks good. Who doesn't want it? This question is a bit rhetorical. The answers are provided by drivers who rightly point out that this makes it difficult to replace the cable. Thankfully, Specialized didn't overdo it and just routed the cables internally through the front triangle. The cables come out from under the bottom bracket and then run outwards to the derailleurs and rear brake.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (4)
The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (5)

There are other little touches like soldering on the front derailleur instead of a clamp. This is really essential if you want to upgrade your groupset, and it looks a little better as well.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (6)

It's also not a frame for full performance at any cost. Specialized includes rack mounts and mudguards, so riders can make it a no-frills vehicle to get you to the office on a rainy day without a trace of the Rorschach test on your back.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (7)


The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (8)

Allez is an endurance frame. Specialized calls the model's geometry "Roubaix-inspired," which means it's not a remake of the Specialized Roubaix - it's not just the metal reboot and racing durability of the spring classics - but it gives riders a similar fit by adding more head tube. slacker head tube angle.

In comparison, the 54cm Allez has a wheelbase and reach of 569mm and 370mm, while the Roubaix is ​​larger with a wheelbase of 585mm and slightly longer with a wheelbase of 376mm. The race-oriented Allez Sprint, on the other hand, keeps things lower and longer with a 538mm stack and 385mm reach.

Specialized has been working on 35mm tire clearance for the new Allez. That's enough for some off-road or dirt roads without sacrificing durable road geometry to turn the bike into something (an off-road bike) it shouldn't be.

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When Specialized delivered my test bike, a few details caught my attention. First of all, it was equipped with the Specialized S-Works Romin Evo Mirror seat, one of the brand's best 3D printed chairs, which I really liked.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (9)

That's what tires are for. My test bike was fitted with the all-new Specialized S-Works Mondo endurance tire that was released this spring and was raced on the classic surface by the WorldTour teams. "Strength" is a bit of a misnomer here; it's tough like a Roubaix bike it's technically tough but still super fast. This is a tire designed for more puncture protection and durability, without sacrificing too much speed.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (10)

"There's no way they can fit all that into a bike for less than $2,000?" I changed my mind.

It turned out not.

(Video) Is The NEW Specialized Allez Still Good Value?

Specialized has indulged in a few upgrades on my 54cm test bike. So, this review is not exactly an entry-level bike under $2000. Instead, it's a $1800 bike with $1285 upgrades.

  • Roval Alpinist SLX Selection: $800
  • Guma S-Works Mondo (32 mm): 160 $/par
  • S-Works Romin Evo Mirror-stoel: 325 USD
  • Total upgrades: $1,285
  • Total per bike: $3085

This review also shows how simple upgrades can benefit a bike in this price range.

One of the biggest wins in improving performance is going from stock wheels to a discounted aluminum kit with great hubs. Charcoal is not necessary for impressive results. For around $1,000 or less, it's probably best to stay away from coal.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (11)Roval Alpinist SLX wheels are a worthwhile upgrade if you can spin them.

Roval Alpinist SLX Specialized alloy wheels upgraded my 1485 gram kit bike and fitted with DT Swiss 350 hubs, a reliably high quality hubset that is a step below the brand's flagship 240s.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (12)

Comfort is probably the biggest improvement you can make. Position your bike correctly and find the touchpoints that work for you. Switching from your saddle to a saddle you know will work for you makes a huge difference in getting on your bike and feeling at home.

The only other major upgrade I would make to this bike at this stage is the handlebar tape. The standard cork tape that comes with the bike does the job, but a little more grip would go a long way in making this bike look exactly like a premium build. Personally, I'm a fan of Lizard Skins, but there are plenty of brands with quality tape - and colors to suit your personality.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (13)

Fresh handlebar tape is also a trick that almost any bike can use. Your hands are pretty good at recognizing different materials by touch - not to mention taking a lot of abuse along the way - so why not give them the best of a rare bike upgrade you can get for less than $50?

Buying 32mm tubeless tires for a smooth ride also ensures smooth and comfortable mileage. The S-Works Mondo gives an impressively smooth ride for a long-lived tire and I wouldn't mind making it my everyday tire.

But enough about the improvements. I haven’t yet mentioned what will get you $1800 in times of inflation and expensive bikes in general.

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Shimano Tiagra hydraulic disc brakes 10-speed group (11-32T Sunrace cassette; Praxis 54/30T crank), Roval Alpinist SLX wheels; 32mm S-Works Mondo tires; S-Works Romin Evo Mirror seat; Handlebar, stem and seatpost made of special alloy.

(Video) NEW 2023 Specialized Allez - First Look At The (Disc Brake Only) Entry Level Road Bike

For starters, the groupset is the Shimano Tiagra, a model that sits below the Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 groups in the Shimano range, although I haven't touched it, I haven't really seen one in years. It's also one of the few mechanical shifting experiences I've had recently, with electronic shifting now occupying the top three positions on both Shimano and Sram.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (14)

There is nothing wrong with the Tiagra, but in my opinion a $1800 bike should come with a 105. It goes to show how expensive bike parts have become in recent years.

But don't roll your eyes just yet, you bike snobs (why even read a beginner's bike review?). That said, Tiagra is a pretty good thing.

Shifting is surprisingly quick and crisp for cheaper mechanics, and it only gets loud when you stray into an area that's almost across the dial. Maintenance with proper cable tension combined with keeping the drivetrain itself clean is of course a major contributor to keeping the transmission this way.

There are a few things Tiagra wishes it had, namely more gears than its 10-speed cassette can pick up. But that's far from the end of the world, something you only really notice as an experienced driver or on long journeys when the jump between two adjacent gears seems a bit too much for your boiled legs.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (15)

And I would have appreciated thinner brake covers as with the larger Shimano groupsets. This is something I don't notice until I actively think about it; it's not distracting enough to spoil the ride, but I've noticed it after spending a lot of time on high end Shimano caps.

On the other hand, larger brake pads provide better traction, something a novice motorcyclist can feel more confident about.

An 11-32T cassette combined with a compact 50/34T crank means this bike excels at climbing and has plenty of range for just about any road ride.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (16)

Otherwise, the aluminum handle, grip and seatpost do their job, allowing you to easily adjust the saddle and cockpit, then completely disappear out of the way while riding.


So the Allez shifts surprisingly well and has solid specs that get the job done. How does he drive?

The short answer is: super good. Specialized has extracted even more performance from the alloy and customized the Allez for what it means to be a race bike in 2023.


New riders will appreciate the fit of the Allez. It's certainly more upright than performance road bikes, but at the same time, it's not a lever-action commuter bike. The fit is aggressive enough to get new riders into performance position, and for many riders, it's as stretchy as they want or need. With the TT, you can give it your all on flat roads and not feel like your efforts have been wasted, and at the same time feel quite comfortable.

The Allez also offers a super smooth ride, thanks in part to the wide wheelbase and 32mm tubeless tires I tested it with.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (17)

The geometry makes the bike follow the exit line well, but it won't fly off the other way with the slightest push on the handlebars. In that sense, it's a much tamer bike than, say, Tarmac, but still rideable.

Braking is also excellent, as you'd expect from hydraulic disc brakes. That alone is reason to stay away from the $1200 less expensive Allez with cable disc brakes.

The only thing I can fault with this bike? (This is also not a mistake.) At around 20 pounds, it may start to feel a little heavy after a lot of climbing, but that comes from someone who has regular access to 4 or 5 pound lighter bikes. The Allez actually feels light for a sub-$2000 aluminum disc brake bike (ok, more than $3000 tested with wheels about a pound lighter than the base version).

But that brings me to another point. This bike is worth upgrading. Carbon parts like handlebars and seatposts won't look out of place on this frame. It wouldn't be unreasonable to sell it as a frame either, although that seems unlikely as the Allez Sprint is more performance oriented and more appealing to an audience that wants to build a bike from the ground up.

The 2023 Specialized Allez Sport squeezes even more performance out of stock alloy (18)

If you can do that, the $800 upgrade to Roval Alpinist SLX wheels is money well spent, as are many aluminum wheels on the market in this price range. Whatever you get, they should offer a similar performance boost that allows the bike to rev faster and roll smoother.

Future-proofed with easy-to-find and service-friendly parts, the Allez has an expandable frame while retaining rack mounts and mudguards that budding road cyclists looking for a multi-purpose bike will appreciate.

It's hard to say how popular an entry-level road racing bike will be in a time when gravel bikes are popular. But I am glad that the Allez, a bike that has been a stepping stone for so many riders I know, including myself, still has a place in this world.

Prices and Availability

The Allez comes in two versions: Allez and Allez Sport. It's the same frame, just with different design specs.

The entry-level Allez costs $1,200 / €1,200 / £1,100 / AU$1,800

From Allez Sport it costs $1,800 / €1,750 / £1,600 / AU$2,500


The models should be immediately available in specialist shops.


Is the Specialized Allez fast? ›

The Allez Sprint is the fastest alloy road bike in history, thanks to the time its sibling, the Tarmac SL7, spent in the wind. It's details like the most complex alloy head tube we've ever made and integrated cables that make it 41 seconds faster over 40km than the previous Allez Sprint.

What is the maximum tire width for Specialized Allez Sport? ›

The Allez is equipped with 30 mm tires. The frame will accommodate a tire width from 24 mm to 35 mm. The rims are not tubeless compatible. Generally speaking, lower tire pressures provide better control on wet or loose terrain, as well as a smoother ride.

How many gears does the Specialized Allez Sport have? ›

2021 · SpecializedAllez Sport
Rear DerailleurShimano Sora, 9-speed
ShiftersShimano Sora, 9-speed
CassetteSunRace, 9-speed, 11-32t
ChainKMC X9, 9-speed w/ Missing Link™
BrakesAxis 1.0 caliper
2 more rows

What year did Specialized Allez come out? ›

The Specialized Allez has been in continuous production since 1981.

Is Specialised Allez a good bike? ›

The Allez Sport is an excellent option do-it-all road bike regardless of whether you're just starting out or a more experienced rider. Its balanced geometry and reliable componentry makes it just as capable as a fast commuter as it does out on the Sunday club run.

Is the Allez Sprint uncomfortable? ›

So the comfort thing: Yes, aluminum has a reputation for harshness and, yes, the Allez transmits more road vibration than a good carbon bike. But it is in no way uncomfortable. In fact, we have to say the Allez is a good reminder of just how much more alive a good metal frame feels than even a high-end carbon one.

What width tyres do pro cyclists use? ›

Not long ago we all used 19mm tyres pumped up to 15,000psi, and now you see pros using tyres as wide as 32mm in races, so 28mm tyres likely won't slow you down a great deal if that's your main concern.

What is the tire clearance on Specialized Allez? ›

The making of the Specialized Allez Sprint frame

We can easily believe that! Tire clearance is 32 mm, which makes perfect sense for a road bike designed for maximum speed.

What gears do the pros ride? ›

Pros often use a 55×11-tooth high gear for time trials. On flat or rolling stages they might have 53/39T chainrings with an 11-21T cassette. In moderate mountains they switch to a large cog of 23T or 25T. These days, they've joined the big-gear revolution like many recreational riders.

What Specialized bike is used in the Tour de France? ›

Their one bike for every road stage of this year's Tour is the Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7.

Is the Specialized Allez a race bike? ›

Select a color and size

The Allez Race name says it all—it's a bike begging to be ridden at top speed. Its E5 aluminum frame features Smartweld technology and full monocoque Tarmac carbon fork, and is partnered with a Shimano 105 drivetrain to make sure you're always riding as fast as possible…

Are Specialized bikes made in China? ›

With its operations center in California, at its Morgan Hill factory, and distributors all over the world, Specialized manufactures almost all of its production in Taiwan, including road bikes, mountain bikes, etc.

Is Specialized Allez a good beginner road bike? ›

The Specialized Allez is a good choice for an entry-level beginner bike, able to take on wet roads without a struggle. If you're not too picky or looking for star performance, then the Specialized Allez should be enough.

What ebike motor does Specialized use? ›


The Brose motor series is unique among mid-drive motors in the clutch that allows for a friction-free pedal experience when using your ebike without a motor.

Why are Specialized road bikes so expensive? ›

This is mainly due to their high quality. It's also because of investment in research. Production numbers are low when compared to larger bike companies. This, paired with high demand, means that prices have risen.

What company owns Specialized bikes? ›

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., colloquially known as and stylized as SPECIALIZED, is an American company which designs, manufactures and markets bicycles, bicycle components and related products under the brand name "Specialized", as well as the premium and professional oriented "S-works".

Who owns Specialized bicycle company? ›

Mike Sinyard - Founder & CEO - Specialized Bicycle Components | LinkedIn.

How old is Specialized Allez? ›

The original steel Allez was launched in 1981, and an aluminium version has been in the range for a whopping 29 years. In that time, there have been a few changes, but with the latest model, there is a very big one – the 2023 Specialized Allez is now only available with disc brakes.

What is the weight of a Specialized Allez? ›

By comparison, the original rim-brake Allez Sprint frame tipped the scales less at just under 1,200 grams. My complete bike is 7.65 kg (without pedals or cages).

Is Specialized Allez Sprint good for climbing? ›

Climbing the steeper stuff isn't where the Allez Sprint shines, though I'd suggest that the build has a lot to do with the underwhelming feel when going uphill. Build the bike from the frameset up with some decent parts and I think it'd fly.

What is the 105 rule in cycling? ›

The Rule of 105 states that the rim must be at least 105% the width of the tire if you have any chance of re-capturing airflow from the tire and controlling it or smoothing it.

Do wider bike tires slow you down? ›

Though wider tyres don't produce less rolling resistance than narrower tyres once you normalise for casing tension, they shouldn't roll any slower either. Wider tyres are also likely to be more comfortable and grippier.

Do wider tires make you go faster? ›

Wider tires are only faster on wider rims. “Wide tires only make you faster if you put them on the correct rim,” says Andreas Klier, EF Education-EasyPost Sports Director and Technical Operations and Commercial Manager. “It's the combination of the width of the rim and the width of the tire that makes the difference.”

Which tire width is fastest? ›

30mm-width tire likely comes down to how the manufacturer makes the tire, more than anything else. Using a 26mm tire only really makes sense if you're consistently riding at professional race speeds, due to its better aerodynamics. For the smooth and flat bike path test run, the 30mm tire was the fastest.

What PSI do pro cyclists use? ›

Road Bikes

Higher air pressure lets them roll easier and faster. A typical range for these would be between 80 and 130 psi, although racers can sometimes go as high as 160 psi.

What is the best tire pressure for a road bike? ›

Proper tire pressure lets your bike roll quickly, ride smoothly, and avoid flats. Narrow tires need more air pressure than wide ones: Road tires typically require 65 to 95 psi (pounds per square inch); mountain bike tires, 15 to 25 psi; and gravel tires, 25 to 40 psi.

What is the width of the Specialized Allez rims? ›

21mm internal rim width wheels certainly help with this, which is also a noticeable improvement on previous models with 17/19mm internal width measurements. As a road bike option for commuters, the Allez just makes sense, it's hard to top it.

Is Specialized Allez tubeless? ›

The Allez Sprint Comp is equipped with tubeless-compatible rims. Please ensure that both your rims and tires are tubeless-compatible before proceeding. For more information, see our Tubeless Conversion page.

What size wheels are on a Specialized Allez Comp? ›

The wheelset is made up of a set of tubeless-ready DT Swiss R470 rims built around basic Specialized hubs, with Specialized Turbo Pro clincher tyres, in a 700 x 26c size.

What gear do you go fastest in? ›

In general, you'll want to keep this rule of thumb in mind: the lower the gear, the more power you have available. The higher the gear, the faster your engine runs! With both manual and automatic transmissions, you'll generally move from lower to higher gears as you accelerate.

Which gear makes you go faster? ›

The gears determine the amount of power available from the engine. First gear provides the most pulling power but the least potential for speed, whilst fifth gear which provides the least pulling power allows the greatest range of speed.

What gear is fastest in cycling? ›

High Gear = Hard = Good for Descending: The “highest” gear on your bike is the largest chain ring in the front and the smallest cog on your cassette (rear gears). In this position, the pedaling will be the hardest and you'll be able to accelerate while traveling downhill.

What bike does Peter Sagan ride? ›

The 2022 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7 bikes raced by Sagan and his TotalEnergies teammates are fitted with Roval wheels and cockpit, and Shimano components.

Why don t they use TT bikes in Tour de France? ›

Normally, the brake levers on a TT bike are positioned at the "normal handlebar" while the gears are positioned at the extension bars. The result of that configuration is that you can not brake while in the more aerodynamically position, which makes it extremely dangerous to ride such bikes in the peloton.

How many speeds is an Allez? ›

2021 · SpecializedAllez
Rear DerailleurShimano Claris, 8-speed
ShiftersShimano Claris 2000, 8-speed
CassetteSunRace, 8-speed, 11-32t
ChainKMC X8 w/ Missing Link™, 8-speed
BrakesTektro, alloy, dual-pivot
2 more rows

Is Allez Sprint fast? ›

The Californian company states the new Allez Sprint is the fastest alloy road bike ever created. In wind tunnel testing, its aero shaping and hidden cabling supposedly puts it far closer in efficiency to the Tarmac SL7 than to its less speedy predecessor.

How do you pronounce Allez? ›

  1. IPA: /a.le/
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
  3. Rhymes: -e.

How fast is the Specialized electric bike? ›

Capable of a top speed of 28 mph, the Turbo delivers superhuman power to anyone who rides it.


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